Jackie and Raoul Bartsch moved to the beautiful and quaint town of Coupeville, Washington all the way from Colorado in 2014 to be closer to family. Raoul was born and raised in Wisconsin with a love for outdoors, while Jackie was born in England but has resided most of her life in British Columbia with her three children. Jackie has always had the spirit of an entrepreneur and is often brainstorming what her next adventure will be – and as a loving and supportive husband, Raoul is always onboard. In the early 2000’s she ran an organic veggie business to distribute organic fruits and vegetables to households prior to them becoming readily available in supermarkets. From there she went on to publish a series of children’s books called ‘The Veggie Adventures’ to encourage kids to eat a healthy diet. During this time, she spent 15 years working at a local BC garden center which provided her the knowledge and expertise to tackle their newest adventure – Rain Shadow Nursery. Being avid gardeners themselves, they were surprised by the lack of seasonal plant availability on the Island so they built a greenhouse at home and began growing many of their annuals & vegetables from seed each year. Acquiring the local Coupeville Nursery has inspired them to bring a better selection of plants and gardening supplies to Whidbey Island. With Raoul’s handy skills and hardworking personality, and Jackie’s innovative ideas – Rain Shadow Nursery will be a gardener’s paradise.